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Oil Filled Ignition Coil Dq-124 For Vintage Vehicle

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Oil Filled Ignition Coil Dq-124 For Vintage Vehicle

Oil Filled Ignition Coil Dq-124 For Vintage Vehicle
Oil filled coil supplier/ oil filled ignition coil manufacturer
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Car Make: Ffor Honda,Nissan,Ford,Toyota.Fiat

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Warranty: 12 Months

OE NO: DQ-124

Size: Standard size

Performance: General/High

Oil ignition coil: spark coil

Ignition system: oil filled ignition coil

Packing: Neutral Packing

Quality: 100% tested

Certification: TS 16949

Delivery time: 2-30 Days

MOQ: 200 pcs

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The oil filled coil is the most critical part of the engine's operation, providing power for the ignition process, igniting the compressed fuel mixture. The simple explanation of the oil filled coil is to let the spark plug cause the spark. Ignite the part of the gas mixture in the cylinder. In fact, it is a transformer, which is responsible for converting the low-voltage current of the car into high-voltage electricity. Under normal circumstances, each cylinder is equipped with a set of oil filled ignition coil and spark plugs, and most oil ignition coil will be replaced at 100,000 kilometers or more.

Structural features:

Generally, there are two groups of primary and secondary oil filled coil in the ignition coil. The primary coil is usually composed of about 200-500 turns of enamelled wire of about 0.5-1 mm; the enamelled wire of the secondary automotive ignition coil is generally made of about 0.1 mm. . One end of the primary oil filled coil is connected with the positive power supply on the vehicle, and the other end is connected with the switch device (breaker). One end of the secondary oil ignition coil is connected with the primary oil filled ignition coil, and the other end is connected with the output end of the high-voltage line to output high-voltage electricity.

Working principle:

Principle: When the primary oil filled coil is powered on, as the current increases, a strong magnetic field is generated around, and the iron core stores the magnetic field energy; when the switching device disconnects the primary automotive ignition coil circuit, the magnetic field of the primary coil decays rapidly, and the secondary The stage car ignition coil will induce a very high voltage. The faster the magnetic field of the primary coil disappears, the greater the current at the moment when the current is disconnected, and the greater the turns ratio of the two oil ignition coil, the higher the voltage induced by the secondary car ignition coil, and the voltage from low to high is converted in this way. Similar to an ordinary transformer, the turns ratio of the primary and secondary oil ignition coil of the automotive ignition coil is large, which turns the low-voltage electricity on the vehicle into a high-voltage. The difference is that it repeatedly stores and discharges energy at different frequencies according to different engine speeds, and works intermittently.

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