Haiyan is a professional car ignition coil manufacturer, specialising in auto coil, plug coil and spark coil manufacturing for years.

Haiyan car ignition coil manufacturer have professional production workshops and great production technology, our main product is the car ignition coil, tool cabinet and hardware accessories.

Welcome to our world of automotive excellence, where precision and innovation thrive. At our car ignition coil manufacturing facility, we craft the heart of your vehicle's ignition system - the extraordinary automotive ignition coil. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and engineering prowess, our coils ignite a symphony of power within your engine, ensuring seamless performance every time you turn that key. With unrivaled expertise and cutting-edge technology, we create these marvels by precisely winding insulated copper wire around a robust core structure. This artful fusion ensures efficient energy transfer from the battery to the spark plugs, generating intense sparks that effortlessly ignite fuel vapors in each cylinder. Our car ignition coils are not mere components but rather masterpieces meticulously crafted for optimal voltage output and supreme reliability under extreme conditions. 

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Haiyan aijian Co.Ltd. is a car ignition coil manufacturer, which is seated on No.338 Yanjia Road, Wanghai Haiyan Jiaxing, Zhejiang, locating western Hangzhou bay cross-sea bridge,3.5 KM far from the Zhajiasu high way exit,1.0 km distance from Huangpu high way exit, convenient transportation, is the center of economic of shanghai-Ningbo-Hangzhou triangle.


The main products of Haiyan wholesale automotive ignition coil manufacturers contain car ignition coil pack, plug coils, spark coils, tool cabinets, hardware accessories, and precision matching pieces of Japanese host, every year manufacturing ignition coils of 1,000,000 PCS, cars pare parts of 2,000,000 sets,3,000,000 sets of Japanese hosts accessories. Widely exported to South and North America, Europe, South Africa, and Asia.


Haiyan auto ignition coil factory has 200 workers, around 170 work over 4 years, with an independent long-term workflow and productivity, has one department including 30 products technology development and research. Our automotive ignition coil manufacturers cover over 14000 square meters, have been awarded city contracts, and keep promises to units, they also certify ISO9001, and TS16949 for a quality system, genuinely achieving the quality first, reputation first quality service for our customers at home and abroad. Kindly welcome domestic and overseas patrons to come and guide.


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Company Dynamics
Haiyan yongfu hardware co.,ltd was founded in 1983
Connectica International Co., Limited
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Generally, we pack our goods in neutral white boxes.
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T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery.


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