How many people in Haiyan R&D department?
Denso ignition coil R&D was in the heart of the business since the start. We've assembled a range of R&D talents. Our R&D team generates trustworthy products, services, and systems which lead to enhancing the level of your business. Our developmental tasks are tightly tied to our economy targets.

After years of solid development, Haiyan aijian Co., Ltd. has been known for outstanding strengths in manufacturing and marketing quality tool cabinets & chests. Haiyan's main products include China ignition coil series. Haiyanrolling tool cabinet is expert-crafted in a broad range of styles and finishes to handle today's toughest demands. The competitive advantage of the product makes it have promising prospects.

The breadth of our mission is to reduce emissions, increase recycling, protect natural resources and harness cleaner, renewable energy sources while helping people around the world live and work in harmony with nature.
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