How many brands are marketed by Haiyan?
Haiyan aijian Co., Ltd.deeply realizes the importance of establishing brands as it will spread our popularity across the world and help attract a larger customer base. So far, we have set up our own brand - namely Haiyan. It features high quality and can withstand the tortures of the time. It is famous for its unique appearance and up-to-date designs, gaining the attention of more customers. On social media like Facebook and Twitter, we keep constantly updating our dynamics and publicizing our brands and products. At present, we have achieved good results and grabbed extensive attention.

Haiyan is a well-known engine coil manufacturer. Experience and expertise ensure that we remain competitive at all times. Haiyan's main products include best tool cabinet series. our teamChina ignition coil provide the perfect blend of style, selection, and affordability. The product passes through the extremely harsh quality control and inspection process.

We work to create joint sustainability initiatives by identifying and building partnerships with our customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.
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