How can I visit Haiyan factory?
Contact Haiyan aijian Co., Ltd.and tell us where to depart. A specific path may be provided. We make sure that the location of the factory is friendly to the environment and safe to the workers. Covering a large area and comprised of different workshops, the factory is aimed at offering quality best rolling tool cabinet .

Haiyan was established a few years ago and is proud to be the leading tool cabinets & chests manufacturer in China. Haiyan's main products include best tool cabinet series. Haiyanrolling tool cabinet is expert-crafted in a broad range of styles and finishes to handle today's toughest demands. This product has undergone rigorous quality checks before reaching to customers.

At the core of our company are our employees and values. We encourage our valued, talented team to be driven to our company goals based around Quality, Delivery, and Service.
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