How about Haiyan independent R&D capabilities?
Haiyan aijian Co., Ltd.has been committed to developing our independent research and development capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. Experienced experts and designers consist of our R&D team, who constantly create innovative ideas to develop new products. From prototype layout, usability testing, to perfecting the design before the launch of multi drawer tool cabinet , our R&D process has been completed, keeping us ahead of the industry.

As a reliable manufacturer and market leader in China, Haiyan provides reliable services for engine coil production. Haiyan's main products include best ignition coil series. Haiyanhardware fittings adopts international advanced technology to achieve exemplary performance. The product has passed the international quality certification, assuring that it is of great quality.

We have embed sustainability throughout our operation. For example, our factory is being equipped with high-end technology to deal with production waste.
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