Automobile ignition coil type

by:Haiyan     2020-05-17
1, closed magnetic circuit ignition coil in recent years, in the automobile electronic ignition system, the high energy conversion efficiency closed magnetic circuit of the ignition coil. Compared with the traditional ignition coil, its core is a 'mouth' or with a small gap of the shape of the word 'yue'. Primary winding of magnetic flux in the core through the core to form a closed magnetic circuit, reduce the magnetic flux leakage losses, so higher conversion efficiency can reach 75%. In addition, the closed magnetic circuit ignition coil also has small volume, light quality, small interference with radio, etc. 2, open the ignition coil magnetic circuit open magnetic circuit ignition coil using cylindrical iron core, primary winding of magnetic flux in the core, through the magnetic steel set of magnetic circuit, and the core of upper and lower lines from the air through the magnetic circuit of the magnetic resistance is big, the leakage magnetic flux, conversion efficiency is low, usually only about 60%. Depending on the number of low voltage terminal is divided into two terminal type and three terminal type two kinds. Three terminal type ignition coil with additional resistance, and its low voltage terminal, respectively, marked with '- ', '+' and '+ switch' tag, additional resistance in the '+' and '+ switch between'; No additional resistance two terminal type ignition coil, only marked with '+', '- 'The marked two terminal. Three terminal type or two terminal type open magnetic circuit of the ignition coil, its internal structure is the same. The secondary winding with a diameter of 0. 06 ~ 0. 10 mm enameled wire on the insulating paper tube around 11 000 ~ 23 000 turn; Primary winding with 0. 5 ~ 1. 0 mm enameled wire turns around 240 ~ 370. 3 engine electronic control two cylinder, double cylinder ignition coil and ignition is refers to the two share a cylinder ignition coil, that is, a ignition coil has two high voltage output, respectively connected to the spark plugs, is responsible for two cylinder ignition at the same time. The ignition mode requires 2 at the same time the ignition cylinder work schedule a difference of 360 ° crank Angle, that is, a cylinder in the compression stroke, the check point on another cylinder is in the top dead center of exhaust stroke. Electric control two cylinder ignition system at the same time can only apply to engine cylinder number is even. 4, independent ignition coil, ignition coil for each cylinder is equipped with a, its advantage is that energy loss is small, to reduce the fever, raise life span. Two lines of independent ignition coil, a line is positive, another for primary coil cathode, through the cathode triode of ECU control on and off the secondary coil induction out high voltage, one end of the secondary coil to the spark plug, the positive and the other end to connect power that is Shared the anode, and the primary coil when disconnect the primary coil, secondary coil by positive - Grounding - The spark plug - Secondary coil form a loop.
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