Analysis of the Causes of Burnout of Automobile Ignition Coils_Customer Evaluation

by:Haiyan     2022-06-25
The main reason for the burnout of the ignition coil is the aging and breakdown of the insulating layer or the damage of the switch triode. The large gap between the spark plugs leads to a large load on the main coil, high heat generation, and rapid aging of the insulating layer. The small spark plug gap leads to a large discharge current of the secondary coil. Fast, the assembled ignition coil may have poor durability of insulating materials, large internal resistance of the coil, large heat generation, low quality of the tertiary tube, etc., and the service life will be shorter.
If it is always burnt out, it will burn out soon after replacement. What is the reason? The following summarizes some:
1. First, look at the problem of the generator, if the power generation is too high , If the load of the ignition coil is too heavy, it is easy to burn out, but if the power generation is too high, then the body electrical appliances, such as light bulbs, will often be damaged; of course, the quality of the accessories cannot be ruled out, so it is best to measure the power generation first.
2. The spark plug gap is too large, adjust the gap or replace the spark plug;
3. The gasoline quality is not good, try changing the gasoline with a higher grade;
4. The cylinder compression ratio is not correct, adjust the compression ratio ;
5. There is a program failure on the computer board, you can go to the repair shop to use the computer to check the car, and clear the wrong information. If it still doesn't work, there may be a problem with your car's transmission.
6. The power supply voltage is unstable;
7. The resistance of the high-voltage line is abnormal, replace the high-voltage line;
8. There is a short circuit in the secondary;
9. The primary current of the ignition controller Too high causes the ignition coil to overheat;
10. High temperature, high voltage wave has problems and it does not work well;
11. There is a very small chance that the coil itself is the problem, you can try another brand;
12. The ignition integrated block does not work well;
The ignition coil itself is a transformer, which is like the transformer in household appliances. When the voltage changes within the specified range, the transformer will not be burned. Usually, the burning of the transformer occurs in This situation occurs when the transformer is overloaded, so when solving this problem, we should try to find the cause of the overload or the aging of the components.

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