What are the symptoms of a broken ignition coil?

by:Haiyan     2022-06-21

I. Intuitively judge the failure of the ignition coil: By observing the appearance of the ignition coil, if there is abnormal material overflow, the insulating cover or the outer casing is broken, and there are signs of ablation at the high-voltage output end, it should be replaced.

Phenomena 1: Glue overflow

Phenomena 2: Burst

Phenomena 3: Ablation of high-voltage connecting pipes


Phenomena four: high pressure nozzle ablation

Second, high pressure test:

When conducting a high-voltage test, first confirm whether the control signal is normal. At the same time, insulation protection should be done well, and direct contact with high-voltage lines with hands may cause electric shock.

Third, the substitution method:

1. Use coils with the same specifications and good performance to replace the possibly faulty coils coil for comparison and judgment. If the fault phenomenon is eliminated after replacement, the replaced coil may be damaged.

2. When using this method, if it is a plug The unreliable connection is corrected during reassembly, or the leakage and damage points of high-voltage lines and plugs are changed from the previous connection points that are easy to discharge due to reassembly, which may affect the judgment of the coil. At this time, the coil can be installed on other vehicles to reproduce the fault for final confirmation.

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