What are the components of the car ignition system

by:Haiyan     2022-06-28
The traditional ignition system consists of ignition power supply (battery and generator), ignition switch, ignition coil, power-off-distributor, capacitor, spark plug, high-voltage wire and low-voltage circuit.
①Ignition coil is the main component that converts low voltage into high voltage, so it is also called transformer.
②Power-off-distributor (distributor) consists of two parts: a power-disconnector and a distributor. The task of the circuit breaker is to switch on and off the primary current and to automatically adjust the ignition time. The distributor consists of a distributor cover and a split burner. The cover has side electrodes equal to the number of cylinders. When the split burner rotates, the high-voltage electricity generated in the ignition coil can be distributed to the spark plugs of each cylinder according to the ignition sequence. The cam of the circuit breaker and the split head of the distributor are installed on the same shaft, driven by the gear on the camshaft of the engine, and its speed is 1/20 of the speed of the crankshaft of the engine. The spark between the contacts of the small circuit breaker prolongs the service life of the contacts and increases the secondary voltage.
④The spark plug is installed on the cylinder head, and the high-voltage electricity is introduced into the combustion chamber to generate sparks and ignite the mixture.
⑤ The task of the ignition switch is to control the instrument circuit, the primary circuit of the ignition system, and the circuit breaker of the starter.
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