We should pay attention to when using automobile ignition coil

by:Haiyan     2020-05-08
Automobile ignition coil if use undeserved, can cause damage of the ignition coil, resulting in the car can't ignition, so we should pay attention to in using the ignition coil the following respects. 1. To prevent the ignition coil heat or be affected with damp be affected with damp; 2. Don't turn the ignition switch when engine is not running; 3. Check, clean and tighten junctions, avoid the short circuit or by iron; 4. Control engine performance, prevent the voltage is too high; 5. Spark plug may not be long 'hanging fire'; 6. The moisture on the ignition coil can only dry cloth, never use fire baking, otherwise it will damage the ignition coil. Ignition coil is auto starter, so to avoid heat and moisture, but also to do a good job of cleaning everyday. Note a lot of people have the habit of hanging fire, also want to avoid this phenomenon, try not to long-term hanging fire.
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