The working principle of ignition coil

by:Haiyan     2020-04-30
Usually ignition coil there were two groups of coil, the primary coil and secondary coil. Primary coil with coarser enameled wire, usually with 0. 5 - Enameled wire around 200 - around 1 mm About 500 turns; Secondary coil with a finer enameled wire, usually with 0. Enameled wire around 15000 - around 1 mm About 25000 turns. The primary coil end low voltage power supply (with the car +) Join, the other end and switch device ( Breaker) Join. With the primary coil, secondary coil end at the other end with the high tension line output high voltage output terminal connection. Ignition coil can will become high voltage low voltage electric car, is due to have the same as the ordinary transformer, in the form of primary coil is greater than secondary coil number of turns ratio. But works on the ignition coil is different from the ordinary transformer, general transformer work 50 hz frequency are fixed, also called power frequency transformer, while work in the form of pulse ignition coil, can be seen as pulse transformer, it according to the different rotating speed of the engine at a different frequency for energy storage and put over and over again. When the primary coil processing power, as the growth of the current around to create a strong magnetic field, an alternating magnetic field to store the can; When the switch device makes the primary coil circuit disconnect, primary coil magnetic field decay quickly, secondary coil will be induced high voltage. The faster the primary coil of the magnetic field disappeared, disconnect instantaneous current, the greater the two coil turns ratio, the greater the secondary coil induction out the higher voltage.
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