The symptoms of damage of automobile ignition coil

by:Haiyan     2020-05-13
Our car no matter what kind of problems is we don't want to see, but our car appeared some fault is inevitable, we are a manufacturer of automobile ignition coil, nature is more concerned about automobile ignition coil of some fault, so our automobile ignition coil damage will have what kind of symptom? Actually both automobile ignition coil and ignition line is broken, will appear the same symptoms, is a time when driving one into a cross. Automobile ignition coil judge whether the damage is also the most stupid method to determine the methods, is driving a car, such as a car ran a rush of when to get off, unplug the car ignition line, idling, look at what automobile high voltage wire of high pressure fire is lighter, normal pressure fire which is red thick, ignition coil broken is relatively thin line, from the stand or fall of ignition coil on high pressure fire, when the test if the car high subsection wire on the ignition coil, a head for insulation screwdriver are available, and iron wire inside, part of the insertion point is plugged into the inside of the spark plug, use a screwdriver iron place in the engine cylinder head about a centimeter distance places on lighter testing. So this one through a cross, presumably many drivers should can feel come out, such as feel this kind of phenomenon, then we will need to get off to check the work, then to our automobile ignition coil to avoid this kind of situation, will to do maintenance work at ordinary times, regular maintenance and maintenance.
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