The structure of the ignition coil

by:Haiyan     2020-04-29
Ignition coil is mainly composed of iron core, winding, bakelite cap, porcelain cup, etc; ( 1) Core by insulating strip of silicon steel pile into the system, the each other between plates using reservoir or coated insulating oxide isolation, the outer sleeve insulation casing, its role is to enhance magnetic flux. ( 2) Primary winding wire diameter of 0. 5 ~ 1. 0 mm enameled wire around the stratification in primary winding outer layer, and heat dissipation, the primary winding is 230 ~ 370 of turns. Outside package for layer insulation paper, in order to enhance the insulation. Winding around after immersion in a vacuum with mixture of paraffin wax and rosin, further reinforced insulation. Current changes in the role of the primary winding is the use of winding induction. ( 3) Secondary winding with wire diameter of 0. 06 ~ 0. 10 mm enameled wire around the core insulation casing outside, turn about 11000 ~ 26000. To strengthen insulation and from mechanical damage, each layer of wire are separated by insulating paper, layer number is more, the outermost layer of insulation paper or cardboard tube. Its role is the mutual inductance electromotive force. ( 4) Steel bushing between primary winding and the shell is equipped with magnetic steel. Using magnetic steel rolled into a cylinder shape, constitute a part of the magnetic circuit, to form core semi-closed magnetic circuit, reduce the magnetic flux leakage. ( 5) Filler to strengthen insulation and prevent the moisture in, within the shell filled with asphalt or transformer oil, transformer oil filling, the coil is cooling, low temperature rise, and good insulation. In recent years, the use of sulfur hexafluoride ( SF6) Such as gas insulated or plastic insulation shape. ( 6) Additional external resistance takes three points firewire column shell is equipped with an additional resistance, additional resistance even on bakelite cap switch '+' and 'switch' column, its role is to improve the ignition performance. Two column ignition coil without additional resistance, the ignition switch between '+' column on the ignition coil, connected to the additional resistance thread
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