The reason of crack on the automobile ignition coil

by:Haiyan     2020-05-04
In the previous period small make up to you about the cause of damage of ignition coil is introduced, then the car ignition coil is a common damage phenomenon is automobile ignition coil crack, so small make up come together today to discuss the cause of automobile ignition coil crack. 1, the ignition coil burst location in epoxy, mainly is the temperature too high. Wrong line when 2, replacement, or packing additional resistance leads to the primary winding current is too large, produce too much lead to low voltage skeleton melt. 3, the original ignition controller current limiting function is damaged, the current is not stable, high temperature caused by too much damage. 4, hot and cold temperature change is too big, lead to shell and epoxy surface cracking. 5, the rain is leaking, cause short circuit and burn out or blunt car ignition coil. So we need to pay attention to the problem of temperature in the process of driving, because there are a lot of failure and damage is a temperature as the cause of developed step by step, and we are in the process of replacement is also need to pay attention to the problem of connection, try to avoid the wrong line.
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