The numerical control ignition of ignition coil

by:Haiyan     2020-05-03
In the high speed of modern automobile gasoline engine, has been adopted by the microprocessor controlled ignition system, also known as digital electronic control ignition system. The ignition system consists of microcomputer ( The computer) , all kinds of sensors and ignition actuators of three parts. In fact in the modern engine, gasoline injection and ignition of the two subsystems are controlled by the ECU, share a set of sensors. Sensors are basically the same as the electronically controlled fuel injection system of sensors, such as the crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, throttle position sensor, intake manifold pressure sensor, knock sensor, etc. The knock sensor is electronic ignition dedicated an important sensor ( Especially the exhaust turbine supercharging device of the engine) , whether it is able to monitor the engine detonation, and the extent of the explosion, as the feedback signal for ignition advance of ECU instruction, the engine will not deflagration and can obtain high combustion efficiency. Digital electronic control ignition system ( ESA) According to the structure is divided into distributor type with no distributor type ( DLI) The two types. Distributor type electronic control ignition system with a high voltage ignition coil, and then by the distributor in accordance with the ignition sequence in each cylinder spark plug. As a result of the ignition coil primary winding on off work shall be borne by the electronic ignition circuit, so the distributor has to cancel the breaker device, only have high voltage distribution function.
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