The methods and steps of the adjustment of the ignition timing

by:Haiyan     2020-04-27
Engine ignition timing, namely in the compression stroke, the piston reaches top dead point position in front of the light mixture. The expansion of the gases in the trip was completely, thus make maximum power engine, and the crankshaft speed is high, less fuel consumption. If the engine ignition timing, the pistons did not reach the top dead center before they can ignite mixture. When the piston reaches the top dead center is maximum, will make the piston is recoil, prevent the piston movement. Therefore engine power drops, can cause overheating temperature, the movement of the parts have a metal impact sound and accelerate wear, increase fuel consumption. If ignition too late, after the check point on the piston at top dead center or ignite mixture, because cannot form the highest pressure cylinder volume increases, the same engine power to drop, the temperature is too high, can't reach the highest speed fuel consumption increase. So the engine ignition timing, is or is not a great influence on engine performance and fuel economy. In order to make the engine to achieve maximum power, check point on the compression stroke the piston arrived before ignition. Therefore, as long as the distributor for maintenance, even if the distributor installation process, all sorts of ignition timing marks are for, are dealing with the ignition timing for inspection after installation and validation, to adapt to all kinds of engine speed, load needs.
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