The ignition coil to teach you how to daily maintenance

by:Haiyan     2020-05-01
First: with the improvement of living standards, cars have entered more and more people in the home, the daily maintenance of vehicles has become many owners important things. In addition to conventional oil/maintenance, many owners of inspection and maintenance knowledge of other parts are lacking. Met a lot of drivers, car jitter, suddenly or fuel consumption on the high side, can with the car of a call by the parts with the ignition coil. Secondly, in order to make the general owners better understand the role of the ignition coil and the knowledge of the daily inspection, changsha electric apparatus to teach you how to daily maintenance, hope to help you. 1, damage to the ignition coil, the main reason is: in the car, the role of the ignition coil was like transformer, will be 12 v voltage instantaneous into 8 volts, such a large voltage is needed to properly functioning moving vehicle. Ignition coil, this problem could be a coil inside the plastic shell is broken or copper wire is broken. This is associated with driving usage, some car for many years, not bad and some car is broken in a few years. For owners, want to let the ignition coil with long, on the one hand, attention should be paid to the use of spark plug, use the aging spark plug will increase the workload of the ignition coil, in addition to pay attention to the water temperature of the car, the water temperature on the high side of the car ignition coil is easy to burn out. 2, ignition coil and fuel consumption of the relationship: when the ignition coil is damaged, there will be a spark ignition voltage is too small or too weak, the phenomenon of fire, resulting in the engine combustion of mixed gas is not sufficient, the exhaust pipe of the oxygen sensor can detect the oxygen content, and feedback the information to the UCE UCE according to the amount of oxygen sensor with digital correction injection ( Total basic fuel injection fuel injection amount = amount + injection correction) , will extend the injector fuel injection time, increases the amount to consumption. Resulting in fuel consumption increase. So when the ignition coil is damaged, can increase fuel consumption. Recommended when choosing the ignition coil, try to choose the quality and reliable products, can reduce fuel consumption, improve the gasoline burning, reduce pollution to the environment. 3, how long will it take to replace the ignition coil is reasonable? This problem also does not have an authority on the Internet, some said 'replaced every 60000 kilometers,' some say '9 - 100000 km to replace 'at a time. On the road, did not appear to increase engine vomiting, jitter, powerless, can regularly to maintain: ignition coil is mainly check the ignition coil insulation cover or shell have broken? High voltage output if there is the phenomenon such as ablation trace? Is there a broken rubber rod? Is there a signs ablation rubber rod? Such as a shell cracking, high voltage side ablation traces, rubber rod broken, rubber rod ablation traces. Will the change of ignition coil. And when choosing the ignition coil, should choose the good quality, quality and reliable ignition coil, if choose and inferior product, may cause serious consequences
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