The engine does not work, ignition coil failure analysis

by:Haiyan     2020-05-22
Engine does not work, ignition coil failure analysis: 1, used the wrong ignition coil, some car engine ignition coil appearance, but the coil module and internal installation have not been arranged module. Byd F3 new, for example, there are two different engines with different ignition coil, a coil with a built-in module, a without module, but the appearance of the ignition coil is the same. Cruze 1. 6 and cruze 1. 6 t of ignition coil is almost the same appearance. But the cruze 1. 6 no coil module; Cruze 1. 6 t coil loading module. 2, automobile engine wiring harness plug socket contact ignition coil and loose, no contact, no external current through the ignition coil low-voltage electrical outlet, ignition coil doesn't have a job. 3 the built-in module, ignition coil failure damage after work, ignition coil will not work. 4, ignition coil low-voltage parts virtual welding. As a result of failure or coil in long-term vibration desoldering, ignition coil damage can no longer continue to work.
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