The characteristics of the electronic ignition system is introduced

by:Haiyan     2020-05-12
Auto ignition systems must all owners are all know, automobile ignition system is an important part of automobile ignition, with the further development of the science and technology, various parts of the car is also in constant development, our ignition system has evolved into the form of the electronic control, small make up today to introduce the characteristics of the electronic ignition system for everyone. Car to multi-cylinder engine, the direction of high speed and high compression ratio, the people also tried to by improving the combustion condition of the mixture, and burning lean mixture, in order to reach the purpose of reducing exhaust pollution and save fuel. These require auto ignition system can provide enough high secondary voltage, spark energy and optimal ignition moment. The traditional ignition system can't meet these requirements. Therefore, all countries are actively exploring ways to improve, and developed a series of electronic ignition system. Car at home and abroad on the use of electronic ignition system is mainly divided into the contact of the electronic ignition system and the non-contact electronic ignition system two kinds big. Regardless of which kind of electronic ignition system is the use of electronic components ( Transistor) As the switch to connect or disconnect the ignition system of the primary circuit, through the ignition coil to generate high voltage. Electronic ignition system and the mechanical ignition system is completely different, it has a ignition with the electronic control unit, internal engine ignition control curves under various conditions, The MAP figure) 。 Through a series of sensors such as engine speed sensor, intake manifold vacuum sensor ( Engine load sensor) , throttle position sensor, crankshaft position sensor to determine the working state of the engine, find out on the MAP MAP engine required under the working condition of ignition advance Angle and ignition according to this requirement. Then according to the needs of knock sensor signal to the ignition correction, make the engine work in the optimal ignition moment. Electronic ignition system is divided into closed loop control and open loop control: with the knock sensor, can according to the engine is timely correction detonation ignition advance Angle is called the closed-loop control system of electronic control system; Don't knock sensor, ignition advance control according to the electronic control unit of the process, only control known as open loop control system. Topic of discussion, the electronic ignition system is mainly introduced the structure of all kinds of electronic ignition system composition and working principle of non-contact electronic ignition system, have a computer distributor, distributor of electronic ignition system common fault diagnosis and elimination method of ignition system, through in-depth discussion of these questions, familiar with electronic ignition system.
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