The cause of the automobile ignition coil burn out

by:Haiyan     2020-05-11
Explained the automobile ignition coil is broken what can I do for you, small make up teach people some small change new knowledge by themselves and, in fact need to replace the ignition coil is a big reason why automobile ignition coil was burnt out, so what will cause the car ignition coil burn out? Ignition coil by the main coil, secondary coil, magnetic core, switch triode, and other auxiliary of the original composition, main coil by accumulator, the secondary coil discharge spark plug, triode is responsible for the switch. Charging time by the battery voltage and motor speed control, to ensure a uniform energy per charge, ignition coil, which has two kinds of line 3 and line 4, 3 lines for the positive and negative power supply, switch control, 4 lines for more than a ignition test line, that can detect whether the spark plug plug ignition. Ignition coil burn out reason mainly is insulation ageing breakdown or damage of switch triode, spark plug gap leads to the main coil load big, fever, insulation aging fast, small spark plug gap lead to secondary coil discharge current, heating and insulation aging fast, the assembly of the ignition coil may be poor insulation material durability, coil resistance big fever, triple tube quality of life will be shorter. Here small make up or feel important parts such as automobile ignition coil, we should buy the quality is good, change effort is not the main reason, the key reason is that affect our safety, that thed loss outweights the gain.
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