The car often fails to catch fire and consider replacing the following parts_Product Knowledge

by:Haiyan     2022-06-23
1. Replacing the spark plugs
The easiest and cheapest first step to modify the ignition system is to replace the original spark plugs with high-performance models. The basic function of the spark plug is to force the high-voltage current generated by the ignition coil to pass through an electrode gap to generate a spark to ignite the mixture in the combustion chamber of the cylinder. Therefore, the performance requirements for the spark plug are of course that the stronger and more stable the spark, the better. The insulator between the ground electrode of the spark plug and the high-voltage center electrode of the original car is mostly made of low-cost alumina-based ceramics, but the high-performance spark plug is much more particular about the electrode material. Most high-quality spark plugs now use precious metals such as iridium or platinum to make electrodes, which are more durable in addition to generating stronger and more stable sparks.
2. Replacing the ignition coil
The high-voltage power supply for the spark plug comes from the ignition coil on the vehicle. Most of the original systems are inductive coil discharge systems, which store electrical energy slowly. The spark energy is weakened due to insufficient charging time, causing the car to lose power. For ordinary car fans, it is more convenient and effective to change the original open-magnetic ignition coil to a closed-magnetic coil with an E-type iron core. Reduces flux leakage and produces higher voltages, resulting in a more powerful spark from the spark plug. For those performance cars or racing cars, the capacitor discharge ignition system can be used. This system uses high voltage to charge the capacitor, which greatly shortens the charging cycle and ensures that the engine still has enough ignition energy at extremely high speeds.
3. Ignition wire modification
The ignition wire between the ignition system and the spark plug is also one of the most popular modification items. The effect of modifying this component is to reduce the high-voltage current sent by the high-voltage coil and send it to the spark plug. losses in the process. Generally, when the original ignition wire is designed to control electromagnetic interference, it will use a coating material with lower cost and higher resistance value, while the modified ignition wire will be covered with high-quality materials such as silicone resin. FireWire can improve resistance while controlling EMI. However, the price of high-quality ignition wires is not cheap, and the effect of replacing the ignition wires alone is not too obvious.
4. Electronically controlled ignition
The traditional ignition system is mainly composed of distributors, ignition coils, high-voltage wires, spark plugs and other components, while many of today's mid-to-high-end cars have adopted electronically controlled ignition systems. The electronically controlled ignition system is mainly composed of three parts: multiple sensors, ECU, and ignition actuator. For some models, even the distributor is omitted, and the ignition time is directly controlled by the ECU, so the ignition energy is higher and the ignition time is more accurate. There is no need to use the ignition wire. This is what we talked about before, brushing the ECU.

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