The basic structure of the coil

by:Haiyan     2020-05-12
About automobile ignition coil have to introduce you to a lot of relevant knowledge, but in automobile ignition coil as a coil, a it? What are the basic structure, then the next small make up to introduce basic coil structure for everyone. 1. Core coil inductance size related to the presence of magnetic core. In tubular coil inserted into the ferrite core, can increase the inductance factors and improve the quality of the coil. Copper coil, copper coil in the scope of application of ultrashort wave is more, twisted copper core position in the coil is used to change the inductance, the adjustment is more convenient, durable. 2. Color code inductor color code inductor is a fixed inductance of the inductor, the inductance mark method as well as resistance to mark the color wheel. 3. Choke ring limit alternating current through the coil of choke coil, high frequency choke points and low frequency choke coil. 4. Deflection coil deflection coil is television scanning circuit output level of load and deflection coil requirement: deflection sensitivity and uniform magnetic field, high Q value, small volume, low price. The basic composition of knitted fabric unit, a space curve shape. By two pillar of ring, a needle arc and arc (a subsidence Or extending line) Composition. Coil is the basic structure is the core, color code inductor, choke coil, deflection coil this several parts, the effects of several parts is different, they have their own independent work, but in the process of work and cooperate with each other.
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