The basic structure of automobile ignition coil

by:Haiyan     2020-05-08
As car petrol engine to high speed, high compression ratio, high power, low fuel consumption and low emissions in the direction of the development of the traditional ignition system has not adapt to the use requirement. So the car ignition coil arises at the historic moment, it not only improves the engine speed, compression ratio, and power, and reduce the fuel consumption and emissions, is a new type of ignition system. Is the core component of ignition ignition coil and switching device, improve the energy of the ignition coil, can produce enough energy spark plug, the ignition device is adapt to the basic conditions of modern engine operation. Usually ignition coil there were two groups of coil, the primary coil and secondary coil. Primary coil with coarser enameled wire, usually with 0. 5 - Enameled wire around 200 - around 1 mm About 500 turns; Secondary coil with a finer enameled wire, usually with 0. Enameled wire around 15000 - around 1 mm About 25000 turns. The primary coil end low voltage power supply (with the car +) Join, the other end and switch device ( Breaker) Join. With the primary coil, secondary coil end at the other end with the high tension line output high voltage output terminal connection.
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