The advantages of high quality automobile high voltage wire

by:Haiyan     2020-05-10
We know the stand or fall of automobile is determined according to the structure of the car quality, large and small parts are likely to affect the quality of the car's overall quality, so small make up today about the high tension line as example to introduce what are the advantages of high quality automobile high voltage wire. 1. 2 for fast start. Combustion heat value increased by 130%. 3. Emissions reduce 5 - 20% 4. Power 10 - to ascend 5 20%. Reduce 5 - fuel consumption 10% 6. Reduce the combustion chamber carbon 7. Beautify the engine 8. Prolong engine life. Unique screen protection function, unique patent design, unique tensile resistant structure adaptive multi-functional adjustable side glue rod, spark plug cap culvert extension rod of high performance engineering plastics with the hot plug, good adaptability, to ensure that the use of durability and reliability. Say so, don't look down upon the quality of auto parts, because it is often important factors affecting the quality of overall car, so everyone in the auto parts is broken when it is good to must choose quality automobile high voltage wire installation.
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