Non-contact electronic ignition system related content is introduced

by:Haiyan     2020-05-05
To introduce about the types of electronic ignition system is introduced, in which we talk about a lot of the types of electronic ignition system, the non-contact electronic ignition system is also one of them, so if you want to have to master the content of the electronic ignition, requires different ignition system from it, so small make up today for you first introduce non-contact electronic ignition system related content. A, non-contact electronic ignition system of non-contact electronic ignition system consists of: 1, the distributor: there are distributor, signal generator, the mechanical ignition advance device ( Centrifugal and vacuum type) ; 2, igniter: accept the control signals of the signal generator; Control of the ignition coil primary winding current and broken; Other ( Inside the closed Angle control circuit, constant current control, etc. ) 3, ignition coil; 4, spark plugs, etc. Second, the non-contact electronic ignition system compared with the traditional ignition system 1, the structure, cancel the broken appliances. Use signal generator instead of CAM; The igniter to replace platinum contact. 2, in principle, the primary winding current and broken by the signal generator and igniter to cooperate to complete, and the working process of the other little change 3, igniter in addition to the control of the primary winding current, broken, there a control circuit ( Closed Angle control and the constant current control) Can improve the ignition performance. The advantage and disadvantage of three, non-contact electronic ignition system advantages: 1. With signal generator, fundamentally eliminate a series of problems caused by contact. 2. In all speed range can be reliable ignition ( Closed Angle control and the constant current control) , in the aspect of improving ignition voltage and ignition energy is very productive. Weakness: the control of the ignition moment still rely on two sets of mechanical centrifugal and vacuum type ignition device to finish ahead of time, can guarantee engine ignition time is always in the best condition. ( Because the best ignition advance Angle besides related to engine speed and load, and other factors. ) So small make up here is mainly introduced the composition of non-contact electronic ignition system, and the comparison between the traditional ignition system and its advantages and disadvantages, then we can also see, non-contact electronic ignition system structure is simple and traditional ignition must be on the structure, principle, igniter were changed, advantage is eliminated by a series of problems caused by the contact, but the downside is yes, we still need to be improved, can better make it play a biggest role.
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