How to repair the ignition system high voltage circuit fault?

by:Haiyan     2022-06-29
① Remove the high-voltage line in the center of the distributor cover, insert a screwdriver into the pole of the high-voltage line, hold a wooden handle or a rubber handle, and use the metal shaft of the screwdriver to approach the iron raised part of the engine, then start the motor to see if there is any Sparks flicker. When starting the motor, if there is a strong and strong spark, it can prove that the high voltage circuit of the ignition system is good at least between the distributor.
② If the spark is strong but the engine does not start, it is due to faulty spark plugs or incorrect ignition timing. At this time, the spark plugs of each cylinder can be removed in turn and checked in sequence.
③ If there is no spark jumping, or a dark red star flashes, replace the spark plug, or wipe it clean to solve the problem.
④ If you have a multimeter, you can clamp the two ends of the high-voltage cable to measure the resistance. If it is found that it exceeds 2.5×104Ω, the cable must be replaced.
⑤ If there is no problem with the high-voltage line test, then the problem of no sparks jumping out is the cover of the distributor and the distributor. You have to check whether these two components are stained, cracked, and leaked. . Repair or update, if any.
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