How to judge the quality of the ignition coil_Product Knowledge

by:Haiyan     2022-06-29

After removing the ignition coil, first measure the resistance with a multimeter. The primary resistance is generally a few ohms. If it is too large, it is an open circuit. Below 0.5 ohms, it is an inter-pole short circuit.

You can also use a wire to touch the 2 primary electrodes to the 2 electrodes of the battery for a short period of time. Distinguish between positive and negative levels, it is normal to have a slight cremation from the high-voltage line end to any one of the primary line ends at the moment of disconnection [the gap between the high-voltage line end and the primary line end should be kept about 2 mm], otherwise it will burn out

Generally, there are 2 reasons for burning the ignition coil;

One, the coil quality is not good, two, The ignition module is of poor quality.

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