Having good maintenance methods of ignition coil

by:Haiyan     2020-05-07
Keep good insulation performance of ignition coil is the main content of the use of maintenance. 1, the outer surface of the ignition coil should be kept clean. The internal should avoid to be affected with damp be affected with damp, to maintain its good insulating properties. 2, high voltage ignition coil lead screw and the connection of the high tension line should be solid and reliable. If the connection is loose, prone to discharge flame, burning connection areas. 3, the high tension line, at the end of the spark plug ignition coil secondary windings are connected to the spark plug cap, in use to prevent the high tension line, the spark plug cap loose. When the high tension line or spark plug cap falls off, secondary causes of high voltage rise due to open load to the limit value is decided by the ability to work, easy to cause the damage of secondary breakdown. 4, the ignition coil primary winding and external connection should be solid and reliable. In battery ignition system, with low voltage terminal and external connection usually have the polarity regulations namely the positive low voltage linear should directly or indirectly connected to the battery positive electrode and negative electrode terminal is connected to a battery anode rod. 5, for a touch point battery ignition system, the gasoline engine stop, immediately disconnect the ignition switch; In switched on when the ignition switch, we should start the gasoline engine in a timely manner. Otherwise, when the breaker contact to stay in a closed state, the current through the larger primary winding will be continuous, easy to make the ignition coil produces high temperature rise and damage. In part six, magneto ignition system, the ignition coil and magnet rotating flywheels prescribed clearance, otherwise it will affect the ignition performance or cause mechanical accident.
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