Has the function of the resistance type automobile high voltage wire do you understand?

by:Haiyan     2020-05-10
Knowledge of automobile high voltage wire small make up have introduced a lot of, for everybody has different kinds of automobile high voltage wire is, the function of different kinds of automobile high voltage wire is different, so small make up today is to introduce for everybody has the function of the resistance type automobile high voltage wire. General motors spark plug resistance is about 20 ~ 50 m, the relatively high tension line resistance is very big, the high tension line basically current limiting resistor value can even 'ignored', but when the high pressure flow resistance is accidental short-circuit time limit the current in a high pressure system can not be damaged. So, in order to protect the ignition system is one of the role of the high tension line resistance and the normal work of the whole vehicle electrical system. Second can improve the ignition voltage, spark plug when too much carbon leakage caused by fire, have promoted the ignition voltage resistance, easier to breakdown spark gap, so that the spark intensity to normal. Also has a resistance type high tension line flow of high pressure distribution. Thirdly to extend the time of discharge of the spark plug, to improve the DianHuoLv, when discharge, spark plug the breakdown and the resistance is very small, because of the high voltage pathways of resistance limits the maximum current, make the same amount of electricity should pass more long time to drain out. Auto parts are the significance of its existence, and the function of the parts are very important, but also is extremely important, so if you find a part of a car there is a problem, so be sure not to delay, to timely repair.
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