Failure Analysis of Ignition System Failure

by:Haiyan     2022-06-22

Ignition time is too early

(1) Fault phenomenon: the idling speed is unstable and easy to stall; when accelerating, the engine has a serious detonation sound.

(2) Failure analysis: The failure is mainly caused by misalignment of ignition timing adjustment or misalignment of ignition angle assembly.

(3) Elimination method: Connect the ignition tester and adjust the ignition advance angle to the specified value.
Ignition too late
(1) Fault phenomenon: heavy noise of muffler, rapid acceleration of carburetor backfire, high temperature of engine coolant, weak driving of the car.
(2) Failure analysis and diagnosis: The ignition angle is incorrect.
(3) Elimination method: adjust the ignition angle to the specified value.
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