Burning the ignition coil can use a multimeter to detect the voltage

by:Haiyan     2022-06-18
In all circuits, the voltage loss is a maximum of 3% of the power supply voltage, then the maximum voltage drop in a car with a 12-volt power supply should be 0.36 V. If the voltage drop exceeds 0.40 V in the circuit, there is an abnormality in the circuit, that is, there is a high voltage drop. resistance exists. The voltage drop test method can be applied to any circuit,
Multimeter Detecting Voltage Drop Method
①Connect the positive test lead of the multimeter to the positive 'top' of the wire under test.
②Connect the negative test lead of the multimeter to the negative terminal of the measured wire (this can be done in sections).
③ Ensure that the test leads are in good contact with the test points.
④When measuring a part, make sure that the part is in working condition.
⑤Start the engine and record the multimeter reading.
⑥The reading of the multimeter is about 0V, which means that the measured part has no resistance and is in good condition.
⑦If there is a voltage drop higher than 0.4 V in a certain section during subsection measurement, it indicates that the part has high resistance, and the part should be repaired or replaced.
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