Automobile ignition coil two cylinder ignition way

by:Haiyan     2020-05-09
Automobile ignition coil is an important part of car boot, automobile ignition coil ignition way mainly have two cylinder ignition and separate ignition two types, double cylinder ignition and separate ignition biggest difference is the different number of cylinders, automobile ignition coil manufacturers today to explain about the ignition coil for us two cylinder ignition way. Two cylinder ignition mode refers to the two share a cylinder ignition coil, so the ignition mode can only be used for engine cylinder number is even. If on a four-cylinder machine, when two cylinder piston and close to the top dead center ( One is the compression is another exhaust) Two spark plugs, sharing the same ignition coil and ignition at the same time, this time is an effective ignition ignition, the other is invalid under high pressure low temperature of mixture, the former the latter in the low pressure in the high temperature of waste gas, so the resistance of the spark plug electrodes of the two completely different, energy is different also, ignition energy is much larger and accounted for about 80% of the total energy. So, double cylinder ignition is suitable for the engine cylinder number is even, as we have said above the four-cylinder machine is much more effective ignition energy, the percentage of the total energy is also more.
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