Automobile ignition coil is broken?

by:Haiyan     2020-05-11
Automobile engine ignition coil because of problem such as wear vibrations tend to appear a lot of big and small problems, but safety has always been what we emphasize one of the things, so the car ignition coil if bad, you tend to choose in the new, but you don't want to go to a special shop, actually this time we can change myself, so small make up today is to introduce the specific steps for everyone. 1, the purchase of the same type of ignition coil ( Part of the car ignition coil is separate type, here the one-piece, for example) 。 2, the lid off the engine at the top of the ignition coil. 3, use inside the pentagon spanner remove the ignition coil fixed screw. 4, remove the power plug ignition coil. 5, remove the ignition coil, if too tight can use a screwdriver stuck up gently. 6, add a new ignition coil and tighten the screw. 7, and when the plug is connected to the top cover plate cover. Automobile ignition coil in new or are simple, and their replacement than going to a professional repair shop repair to save money, but in the premise of myself is also need to know the car, if you what all don't understand, that you still go to a repair shop to spend some money in it.
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