Auto ignition system ignition cause what common faults

by:Haiyan     2020-05-16
Common car circuit fault vehicle (usually with starting circuit, power circuit, lighting and lighting signal device, the ignition circuit, auxiliary device circuit, electronic control system, instrument information system circuit. Common faults mainly include: car circuit open circuit, short circuit, damage to electrical equipment, etc. Ignition system ignition cause what are talking about 'nature' believes everyone not unfamiliar, car circuit in the event of spontaneous combustion fire occupies a larger proportion. 1. Lighting, electrical equipment, circuit wiring aging and high load 2 car circuit. Hyundai motor has more and more electronic control technology, intelligent application makes the car electronic power consumption greatly increased accordingly. 2. Because of work, engine ignition coil temperature is high, easy to make high voltage ignition wire insulation layer bate, aging, crack damage, high voltage ignition easy breakdown insulating layer, produce high voltage leakage, short circuit, which can lead to spontaneous combustion.
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