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by:Haiyan     2022-06-27
Engine lack of cylinders refers to the situation that the engine fails to cause insufficient power, and there will be no power, and a small number of cylinders in total do not work. The lack of cylinders in the engine will shorten the service life of the lubricating oil, and it is prone to instant dead fire, large fuel consumption, black smoke and powerlessness.
The lack of cylinders in the engine mainly means that one or more cylinders of the engine are not working properly. It is usually manifested as: abnormal operation of the engine or insufficient power, uneven and rhythmic vibration of the engine at high, medium and low speeds, and the muffler emits black smoke and shoots. The lack of cylinder operation of the engine will bring great harm: 1. The speed and power of the engine will decrease. 2. Increase fuel consumption and emission pollution. 3. Increase the wear of running parts and shorten the service life of lubricating oil.
The lack of cylinders in the engine can cause the car to have high fuel consumption, black smoke, weakness, reduced horsepower, and the vehicle cannot increase the speed, the vibration is serious, and the driving noise is increased. And it is very detrimental to driving safety. Especially in the section that needs to be lifted from a slope, the engine load of the cylinder-deficient vehicle increases, the body shakes more obviously, and it is very prone to instant dead fire.
The reason for the lack of cylinders in the engine is mainly from the ignition system and the fuel injection system. If the contacts of the distributor cover of the ignition system are severely ablated, a flashover will occur, which mostly occurs between the corresponding studs on the cover. Like a severe asthma attack, several students have had such a problem.
The failure of the ignition coil can also lead to a lack of cylinders. Often, the problem of the ignition coil will cause serious ablation of the distributor cover. After a problem with the ignition coil, it is also the most likely to cause a serious power drop and instantly extinguish the car. The ignition module of the carburetor vehicle is also a very problem-prone place. There is nothing of good quality now, and the matching planet brand is the same. It usually needs to be replaced every two years. High load can easily damage the ignition module. You find that Your tachometer suddenly jumps up and down during normal use, especially when idling and below 2000 rpm. Obviously, the ignition module will basically be over. Fortunately, it is not expensive, but it is not durable.
The cylinder line is also a consumable item. You ask me how many kilometers to replace it. My answer is that it will not be replaced under normal use. Platinum and PT with high calorific value cannot use ordinary cylinder lines. Otherwise, there will be no harm. Spark plugs and cylinder lines complement each other. Poor coordination will directly affect the normal ignition of the engine, or even lack of cylinders. I think that the cylinder line can be used with matching. The issue of the cylinder line and the spark plug has been discussed and debated all the time. Here we only talk about the normal use of the cylinder line. If the cylinder line is working normally, directly unplug the sub-cylinder line until there is no need for a screwdriver. Insert a spark plug and take a look at the car. You will know, and you will know when each cylinder is compared. That screwdriver is also quite silly to fire at the cylinder line. It can only judge whether there is fire coming, but it is impossible to compare whether the continuous ignition is normal, and it is easy to be electrocuted.
Next, the most likely cause of lack of cylinders is the spark plug. Many problems are related to the spark plug. Many of the people who change various brands are psychological, and they are not necessarily suitable for switching. Yes, it is a wear and tear part, and the matching champion spark plug is within ten dollars. 30,000 km is a good change. The calorific value of the brand that is changed is different, and the gap is also different, generally between 0.7 and 0.9. Sometimes the problem of the ignition system can also make the spark plug work for a period of time. The discharge part of the electrode is rounded due to ablation, so that the electric jump position of the spark plug is not in the spark plug gap or the spark plug does not jump, which directly causes the cylinder to stop working. Judge that the spark plug is normal. That is, the position of the electric jump is in the spark plug gap, indicating that the spark plug works well. If the gap of each spark plug is inconsistent, that's not good. I have seen a few classmates who removed the spark plug from the 6-cylinder to have three brands of spark plugs. Can it work normally? The spark plug is very important. If one spark plug does not work, the fuel consumption may increase by 10%-15%, the power will decrease by 18%-35%, the CO and HC content in the exhaust gas will increase exponentially, and the starting performance will decrease.
The cut spark plugs belong to the type of medium and high calorific value. Choosing the ones with low calorific value is also easy to cause more carbon deposits and too much carbon deposits on the spark plug. After the fuel is wet, it is equivalent to a parallel shunt resistance between the electrodes of the spark plug, causing leakage of the spark plug. , The flashover is too weak, and when the spark plug cannot work, it will naturally cause a lack of cylinders. When it comes to carbon deposits, another easy cause of lack of cylinders is the fuel injection nozzles in the important part of fuel injection. The fuel injection nozzles have carbon deposits, and the filter screen of the fuel injection nozzles is blocked, which cannot be accurately injected and atomized, and is easily stuck. The fuel injector causes the engine to run out of cylinders or suddenly stall. Carbon deposits on the fuel injectors can also easily lead to cold start difficulties. So let's talk about carbon deposition in detail.

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