What are the various auto ignition system work parts

by:Haiyan     2020-05-19
The traditional ignition system consists of the ignition power supply ( Battery and generator) Power, ignition switch, ignition coil, a distributor, capacitors, spark plugs, high voltage wires and low voltage circuit, etc. The ignition coil (1) is the main element will be low voltage to high voltage, so also called transformer. (2) power is a distributor ( Distributor) Including the breaker and the distributor. Breaker's mission is to connect and cut off the primary current, and undertake the task of automatically adjust ignition timing. Distributor composed, distributor cap and rotor arm cover inside electrode with equals the number of cylinders, when the distributor rotor rotation, the ignition coil can be generated by the high voltage by the spark plug ignition order is assigned to each cylinder. Breaker of the CAM and the distributor rotor arm installed on the same shaft, driven by engine camshaft gears, the rotational speed for 1/20 (3) the rotational speed of the engine crankshaft parallel capacitor and broken appliances, can reduce the spark between the breaker contact nod, prolong the service life of the contact, improve the secondary voltage. (4) the spark plug on the cylinder head, the high voltage is the combustion chamber to produce sparks, ignite mixture. (5) the ignition switch, ignition system, primary task is to control instrument circuit circuit and the starter circuit breaker, etc.
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