Ignition should pay attention to two aspects of content

by:Haiyan     2020-05-05
Summer comes, the temperature is higher, so take special care when ignition is also, so there may be many owners for auto ignition of knowledge is not very clear, in fact, in order to ensure our safety, as well as the protection of the vehicle, we are in the process of ignition, is the need for a lot of places is required, 1. Spark should have enough energy to the engine work properly, due to the compression temperature close to the end of its spontaneous combustion temperature of mixture, need only 1 ~ 5 mj spark energy. But when the mixture too thick or too thin, engine starting, idling or throttle open sharply, requires higher spark energy. And as modern engine of economy and improvement of exhaust purification, urgent need to improve the spark energy. Therefore, in order to guarantee the reliable ignition, high-energy electronic ignition system is should have 80 ~ 100 mj spark energy, starting when should produce more than 100 mj spark of energy. 2. Ignition moment should be adapted to work in the first place, the engine ignition system should be ignition engine work order. Second, must be at the best time to ignition. Because the mixture in the combustion in cylinder takes up a certain amount of time, so the mixture should not check point ignition on the compression stroke, and should be properly in advance, when the piston reaches top dead center, the mixture has been fully burning, engine to get higher power. Ignition time generally by the ignition advance Angle, namely from a spark started until the piston reaches the top dead center of the Angle of the crank shaft turned over a period of time. If ignition too late, when the piston reaches top dead center when the ignition, the mixture combustion mainly completed in the process of the piston downward, the combustion process in the case of volume increase, the area of the hot gas in contact with the cylinder wall, thus relatively reduce the heat into useful work, reduce the maximum combustion pressure in the air cylinder, the engine overheating, power down. If ignition prematurely, as a result of the mixture combustion completely in the compression process, a dramatic increase in the combustion pressure in the cylinder, when the piston reaches top dead center is the largest, before to piston recoil, engine as a negative work, not only reduce the power of engine, and is likely to cause detonation and not running smooth phenomenon, accelerated motion components and bearing damage. So we in the spark ignition time is need to make sure that have enough energy and ignition moment should adapt to the performance of the engine, these two aspects is that we need to pay more attention to two aspects, and two requirements in order to extend the life of the vehicle.
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