Ignition coil teaches you how to maintain daily

by:Haiyan     2022-06-20

First of all: With the improvement of living standards, cars have entered more and more people's homes, and the daily maintenance of cars has become an important thing for many car owners. In addition to the regular oil filter maintenance, many car owners still lack the knowledge of inspection and maintenance of other parts. I have encountered a lot of car owners who have car shaking or suddenly high fuel consumption, which may be related to a component called the ignition coil on the car.

Secondly: In order to make the majority of car owners better understand the function of the ignition coil and the knowledge of daily inspection, Changsha Electric now teaches you how to maintain it daily, hoping to help you.

1. The main reason for the damage to the ignition coil is:

In the car, the ignition coil acts like a transformer, instantly converting 12 volts into two The voltage of 30,000 volts, the car needs such a large voltage to run normally. If there is a problem with the ignition coil, it may be that the plastic casing of the coil is broken or the copper wire inside is broken. This is related to driving usage, some cars do not break down for many years and some cars break down in a few years. For car owners, if you want to use the ignition coil for a long time, on the one hand, you should pay attention to the use of spark plugs. The use of aging spark plugs will increase the workload of the ignition coil. In addition, you should pay attention to the water temperature of the car. The ignition coil of a car with a high water temperature is easy to burn out. .

2. The relationship between ignition coil and fuel consumption:

When the ignition coil is damaged, the ignition voltage will be too small or the spark will be too weak, and the fire will be missing, which will lead to the mixing in the engine. If the gas combustion is not sufficient, the oxygen sensor in the exhaust pipe will detect the oxygen content and feed back the information to UCE. UCE will correct the fuel injection quantity according to the number provided by the oxygen sensor (total fuel injection quantity u003d basic fuel injection quantity + fuel injection quantity) Correction amount), which will prolong the injection time of the injector and increase the fuel consumption. resulting in increased fuel consumption. So when the ignition coil is damaged, it will increase the fuel consumption. It is recommended that car owners try to choose products with reliable quality when choosing ignition coils, which can reduce fuel consumption, improve gasoline combustion, and reduce environmental pollution.

3. How often should the ignition coil be replaced?

There is no authoritative statement on this issue on the Internet, some say 'Replace once every 60,000 kilometers

When driving, if there is no engine spitting, shaking, or weak acceleration, you can regularly maintain the ignition coil:

Mainly check whether the ignition coil insulation cover or shell is Are there cracks? Are there any ablation marks at the high-voltage output end? Is the rubber rod cracked? Are there any ablation marks on the rubber rod? , Rubber rod ablation traces. Replace the ignition coil. And when choosing an ignition coil, you should choose an ignition coil with good quality and reliable quality. If you choose a fake and inferior product, it may cause serious consequences

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