Ignition coil and modern ignition device

by:Haiyan     2020-05-07
As car petrol engine to high speed, high compression ratio, high power, low fuel consumption and low emissions in the direction of the development of the traditional ignition system has not adapt to the use requirement. Is the core component of ignition ignition coil and switching device, improve the energy of the ignition coil, can produce enough energy spark plug, the ignition device is adapt to the basic conditions of modern engine operation. Usually ignition coil there were two groups of coil, the primary coil and secondary coil. Primary coil with coarser enameled wire, usually with 0. 5 - Enameled wire around 200 - around 1 mm About 500 turns; Secondary coil with a finer enameled wire, usually with 0. Enameled wire around 15000 - around 1 mm About 25000 turns. The primary coil end low voltage power supply (with the car +) Join, the other end connected to switch device. With the primary coil, secondary coil end at the other end with the high tension line output high voltage output terminal connection. Ignition coil can will become high voltage low voltage electric car, is due to have the same form with ordinary transformer, the number of turns of the primary coil and secondary coil. But works on the ignition coil is different from the ordinary transformer, general transformer is a continuous work, while the ignition coil is intermittent, it according to the different rotating speed of the engine at a different frequency for energy storage and put over and over again. When the primary coil processing power, as the growth of the current around to create a strong magnetic field, an alternating magnetic field to store the can; When the switch device makes the primary coil circuit disconnect, primary coil magnetic field decay quickly, secondary coil will be induced high voltage. The faster the primary coil of the magnetic field disappeared, disconnect instantaneous current, the greater the two coil turns ratio, the greater the secondary coil induction out the higher voltage. Ignition coil in accordance with the magnetic type magnetic circuit is divided into open and closed magnetic type two kinds. Traditional ignition coil with magnet, with its core in 0. About 3 mm silicon steel sheet pile into, around there are secondary and primary coil on the iron core. Closed magnetic type, the use of the shape of Ⅲ core around the primary coil, and then around the secondary coil, the magnetic field lines composed closed magnetic circuit core. Closed magnetic type ignition coil has the advantage of low magnetic leakage, small power loss, small size, so the electronic ignition system widely used magnetic closed type ignition coil.
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