Engine ignition coil socket wiring harness must be fastened

by:Haiyan     2022-06-30

Recently, our company's engineers followed up and repaired a 2005 Kia Maxima 1.3L. In the past two years, this car has replaced 5 ignition coils in a row. Among them, replacing the ignition coils of other brands, the use time is one month long, and the short one is only a few days. Even after replacing the ignition coil of Changsha Electric, it has been used for three months.

The factory engineer inspected the ignition coil and found that one of the ignition coils was misfiring and missing a cylinder. The engineer tested with an oscilloscope on site and found that the ignition coil waveform was abnormal.

Carefully check the ignition system of the engine, bind the too long part of the wire harness to the socket of the ignition coil, tie it tightly with a cable tie, and wrap it with tape, and the car runs normally.

Summary : The wiring harness connected to the ignition coil is too long and damaged, and is in contact with the metal part of the engine cylinder head. When the car is started, the engine vibrates, causing the wiring harness to strike iron, and the current and voltage of the ignition coil are large and small. For a long time, the ignition coil will break down and the cylinder will be missing.

Notes: The wiring harness connected to the ignition coil socket should not be too long, and should be wrapped and fixed with insulating tape, and cannot be placed on the engine at will.

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