Could you please say sth about the details of bosch ignition coil ?
Bosch ignition coil is our important product. We focus on every detail from raw materials to after-sales service. You can get more information on our official website. The research and development team has spared no efforts to develop it, and another professional team monitors production and tests its quality. You need to tell us the needs, target markets and users. All of this will be the basis for us to introduce this excellent product.

Established in China many years ago, Haiyan aijian Co., Ltd. has grown into a mature company with a broad product portfolio, including engine coil. Haiyan's main products include China ignition coil series. The best of raw materials, technology, equipment and personnel are used for the production of Haiyantool cabinets & chests. The product is quality-assured and withstands all kinds of strict tests.

We drive the implementation of environmental protection policy. Take our internal footprint as an example, we have deployed appropriate clean technologies and have engaged all employees in continuous green improvements at the workplace.
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