Characteristics of ignition coils_Product knowledge

by:Haiyan     2022-06-18
1. However, the operation method of the ignition coil is different from that of the general transformer. The operation frequency of the general transformer is fixed at 50Hz, also known as the power frequency transformer, while the ignition coil operates in the pulse mode, which can be regarded as a pulse transformer. Energy storage and discharge are repeated at different frequencies according to different engine speeds.
2. The reason why the ignition coil can turn the low-voltage electricity on the vehicle into a high-voltage is because in the same way as a general transformer, the turns ratio of the primary coil is larger than that of the secondary coil.
3. When the primary coil is powered on, a strong magnetic field occurs around as the current increases, and the iron core stores the magnetic field energy; when the switching device disconnects the primary coil circuit, the secondary coil will A high voltage is induced.
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