Automotive ignition coil parts structure_Product knowledge

by:Haiyan     2022-06-23
1. Resistance line

Additional resistance The three-connection ignition column housing is equipped with an additional resistance. Both ends of the additional resistance are connected to the '+ switch' and 'switch' posts on the bakelite cover. is to improve ignition performance. The two-post ignition coil has no additional resistance, and an additional resistance line is connected between the ignition switch and the '+' terminal of the ignition coil.

2. Filler

The filler is to strengthen insulation and prevent moisture intrusion. The shell is filled with asphalt or transformer oil. When filling transformer oil, the coil has better heat dissipation and lower temperature rise. , and good insulation. In recent years, gas insulation such as sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is also used or plastic molding insulation is used.
3. Steel sleeve
A steel sleeve for magnetic conductivity is installed between the primary winding of the steel sleeve and the outer casing. The magnetic steel sheet is rolled into a cylindrical shape to form a part of the magnetic circuit, so that the iron core forms a semi-closed magnetic circuit to reduce magnetic flux leakage.
4. Winding
The secondary winding uses enameled wires with a diameter of 0.06 to 0.10mm and is wound around the outside of the iron core insulating sleeve, about 11000 to 26000 turns. In order to strengthen the insulation and avoid mechanical damage, each layer of wires is separated by insulating paper, and the outermost layer of insulating paper has more layers, or is covered with cardboard sleeves. Its function is to generate mutual inductive electromotive force.
5. Outer layer of winding
The primary winding uses enameled wire with a diameter of 0.5~1.0mm and is wound around the outer layer of the primary winding in layers to facilitate heat dissipation. The primary winding is 230~370 turns. The outside is also wrapped with several layers of insulating paper to enhance insulation. After the winding is wound, it is immersed in a mixture of paraffin and rosin in a vacuum to further strengthen the insulation. The role of the primary winding is to use the current change in the winding to achieve electromagnetic induction.
6. Iron core
The iron core is made of laminated silicon steel strips that are insulated from each other. The sheets are separated by an oxidized oil layer or coated with an insulating group. The outer layer is covered with an insulating sleeve, which is used to enhance the magnetic Pass.
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