Automobile ignition coil two effect

by:Haiyan     2020-05-13
Is the function of automobile ignition coil manufacturer is converting low-voltage electrical by coil can ignite mixture of high voltage power supply. So what is the function of ignition coil on the car? A, the ignition coil is actually a transformer ( Inside has a primary winding, secondary windings and iron core, insulating material, etc. ) 。 The car 12 v voltage into 2 - — 30000 volts, automobile ignition system using the high voltage to ignite mixture in the cylinder. Second, the ignition controller is used according to each cylinder ignition high voltage ignition timing distribution, is the role of ignition coil low voltage direct current (dc) is a high voltage, voltage can reach tens of thousands of volts, by the breakdown of air ionization produced edm spark plug in the cylinder. Additional information: the principle of automobile ignition coil: usually there is two sets of coil, ignition coil primary winding and secondary coil. Primary coil with coarser enameled wire, usually with 0. 5 - Enameled wire around 200 - around 1 mm About 500 turns; Secondary coil with a finer enameled wire, usually with 0. Enameled wire around 15000 - around 1 mm About 25000 turns. The primary coil end low voltage power supply (with the car +) Join, the other end and switch device ( Breaker) Join.
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