Automobile ignition coil manufacturers spread check the stand or fall of ignition coil for you

by:Haiyan     2020-05-14
An alternative method for inspection. Use good ignition coil replacement doubt defective ignition coil, if the fault disappear, ignition coil is faulty. Let's take a look together. One, hand touch ignition coil shell temperature sensor, feel hot as normal, if hot for ignition coil turn-to-turn short circuit fault. Second, measured with a multimeter primary winding and secondary winding resistance value, if the measured resistance is infinite, is winding circuit fault; If the resistance is too large or too small, explain winding have poor contact or interturn short circuit ( Under the environment of 20 ° C, a winding resistance should be 0. 5 - 1. On, electronic ignition system, the traditional ignition system should be 1. Three, ignition coil of some fault can only use the method of universal measuring resistance is not necessarily reflected. Ignition coil, for example, there are small cracks in the internal insulation aging or, these are only produced under high pressure leakage caused by secondary voltage drop, ignition energy shortage and make the engine work don't work normal or not. These failures by special instrument can accurately distinguish. Substitution method, use the method of contrast fire inspection. This method on the test bench or the car, will be tested ignition coil with good, comparing the ignition coil respectively connected to see if the spark intensity.
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