Automobile ignition coil ignition way alone

by:Haiyan     2020-05-09
In the previous installment of automobile ignition coil manufacturers to introduce the car ignition coil two cylinder ignition mode, automobile ignition coil manufacturer for us today is separate ignition way of automobile ignition coil. Distribution of each cylinder ignition way alone is a ignition coil, ignition coil directly installed on the roof of the spark plug on, this also cancelled the high tension line. This way of ignition by camshaft sensors or by monitoring to achieve precise ignition cylinder compression, it is applicable to any number of cylinders engine, especially suitable for engine of 4 valves per cylinder. Because of the spark plug ignition coil combination can be installed in double overhead camshaft ( DOHC) In the middle of the, make full use of the clearance space. Due to cancel the distributor and the high tension line, energy transmission loss and leakage loss minimum, no mechanical wear and tear, and each cylinder ignition coils and spark plug together, external use metal package, significantly reduce the electromagnetic interference, can guarantee the normal work of the engine electronic control system. As you can see the car ignition coil two cylinder ignition and separate ignition have differences also have many similarities, but they all have a common purpose, that is to realize ignition, to achieve the goal of driving car.
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