Automobile ignition coil fault interpretation

by:Haiyan     2020-05-18
One, in the idle state, the body shaking. Observe the exhaust port, the car has obvious intermittent exhaust from air, the exhaust pipe at the same time jitter, able to clearly hear the voice of 'getting'. Second, is in the process of driving, speed below 2500 RPM, body has obvious jitter, to accelerate the weakness; After the speed of more than 2500 turn, shaking feeling disappear. Three, open the engine cover, observe the running engine, found that the engine has obvious shaking. The jitter has obviously does not belong to the normal engine working condition of jitter, dither amplitude is very large. For four cylinder ignition system of the car, if only one ignition coil fails, the remaining three cylinder works, barely emergency driving is not a problem, but the car engine, frame and connecting parts and so on are very bad. If more than one cylinder ignition coil burned, suggest stop driving. Driving cylinder deficiency caused by the ignition coil fault vehicle, very bad for driving safety. In uphill especially need 'slope', lack of cylinder of vehicle engine load increase, the body shaking more apparent, very prone to instant death fire, the driver easy so flustered, slide or even cause safety accidents. If we have a moving vehicle, you should keep the speed as much as possible in 2500 turn above. Before replacing ignition coil and users, be sure to carefully check the spark plug, high tension line, power supply voltage, contact are in good condition, in order to ensure the normal use of the ignition coil. If installing a ignition coil, appear the phenomenon of 'loading no response', is mainly caused by low voltage plug not fully contact. When replace the ignition coil, therefore, be sure to insert the car plug reliable ignition coil of low-pressure socket, to ensure that the low pressure connector connection is reliable. If the car on the plug is damaged, appear 'loading no response' will be more, then it should make the low pressure connector, reliable connection.
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