Automobile ignition coil burn out root cause analysis

by:Haiyan     2020-05-18
Ignition coil burn out reason mainly is insulation ageing breakdown or damage of switch triode, spark plug gap leads to the main coil load big, fever, insulation aging fast, small spark plug gap lead to secondary coil discharge current, heating and insulation aging fast, the assembly of the ignition coil may be poor insulation material durability, coil resistance big fever, triple tube quality of life will be shorter. If always burn, shortly after the change will burn out again, this is what reason, summarizes some below: 1, the first issued by motor problem, if electricity is too high, ignition coil of the heavy load of words easy to burn out, but if it's power is too high, the body electric appliances, such as light bulbs, etc. , are often damaged; Of course does not rule out parts quality problem, so it's best to measure electricity. 2, the spark plug gap is too large, adjust the clearance or replace the spark plug; 3, gasoline quality is bad, try using high grade gasoline; 4, cylinder compression ratio is not right, adjust the compression ratio; 5, the computer board application problems, can use computer to check the car to the repair shop, get rid of the wrong information. Not yet, it may be something is wrong with your car driver. 6, power supply voltage is not stable; 7, the resistance of the high tension line is not normal, replace the high tension line; 8, secondary short circuit phenomenon; 9, ignition controller of primary current is too high lead to the ignition coil overheating; 10, under high temperature, high pressure wave problem work is bad; 11, a small chance to coil itself, can change the brand of a try; 12, igniter integrated piece of work; Ignition coil itself is a transformer, it's like household electrical appliances in the transformer, when voltage change within the prescribed scope, will not burn transformer, burn transformer is usually appear in the transformer under the heavy load can cause this kind of circumstance, so solve the problem when we try to find out the causes of the heavy load or component aging.
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