Auto ignition and sensors

by:Haiyan     2020-05-06
Improve step by step with the science and technology, all aspects of our car is being constantly improved, so the previous small make up to you about ignition of several kinds of system are introduced, and several are relatively new, small make up to introduce today's computer ignition and its sensors. In the electronic concentrated engine control system, ignition system is controlled by a computer called the computer controlled ignition system. Most of the cars using computer controlled ignition system. The ignition system is mainly composed of sensors, electronic controller, ignition, ignition coils and spark plug ignition controller, etc. Sensor is monitoring device for engine working condition information. The structure of the sensor and the assembly number depends on the car, there are mainly the crankshaft position sensor, air flow sensor throttle position sensors, knock sensor, cooling water temperature sensor, air intake temperature sensor, oxygen sensor, speed sensor, neutral start switch, ignition switch, air conditioning switch, battery, etc. The above is the small make up to introduce the knowledge about auto ignition computer and sensor related content, we are here today, see you next time.
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